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Information sheet

Entering the Jewish Cemetery may be associated with some risk, due to the age of the cemetery and its structural condition. This information sheet should be signed at some cemeteries which are not open to the general public, before the key to the cemetery is handed over.

Information sheet about Jewish cemeteries as a pdf

Information sheet

about work on Jewish cemeteries
In accordance with Halakha (Jewish law), we request absolute compliance with the rules, especially during renovation work.

Information sheet as a PDF

Private grave restauration

Due to global demand the Jewish Community of Vienna offers grave restaurations in cooperation with restorers and stonemasons.
The status of the grave will be defined and a renovation concept developed.
In case you are interested in having the grave of your ancestors restaurated, please feel free contacting our membership services:
Debora Kravtschenko
Tel: +43 /1/ 53104 – 171
d.kravtschenko [at] ikg-wien.at

Regarding the execution of the grave restorations and grave reservations you can use the following contact:
Mag.ª Bettina Kolter
Tel: +43/1/531 04 – 180
b.kolter [at] ikg-wien.at

Mass graves

This definitely incomplete list (in alphabetical order) only includes those locations involving Jewish people who were killed or died from illness.

Gunskirchen (Mauthausen) (Upper Austria)
Bad Deutschaltenburg (Lower Austria)
Deutsch Schützen – Eisenberg (Burgenland)
Donnerskirchen (Burgenland)
Eggenfeld (Styria)
Enns (Upper Austria)
Ennsdorf (Lower Austria)
Felixdorf (Lower Austria)
Göstling an der Ybbs (Lower Austria)
Grossraming (Upper Austria)
Graz (Styria)
Graz-Liebenau camp
Hofamt Priel (Lower Austria)
Melk district
Klöch (Styria)
Lichtenwörth (Lower Austria)
Loretto (Burgenland)
Losenstein (Upper Austria)
Nestelbach – Lassnitzhöhe (Styria)
Paldau (Styria)
Präbichl (Styria)
Randegg (Lower Austria)
Rantenberg (Lower Austria)
Rechnitz (Burgenland) Rechnitz | Bahnhofstrasse without no. | Kreuzstadl
St. Margareten (Burgenland)
Schachendorf (Burgenland)
Schattendorf (Burgenland)
Siegendorf (Burgenland)
Sulzbach (Lower Austria)
Baden district
Termberg (Upper Austria)
Thenneberg (Lower Austria)
Wandau (Styria)
Zistersdorf (Lower Austria)

Jewish cementary remediation and administration

Chief executive:
General secretary Mag. Klaus Hoffmann MSc
Tel. +43/1/531 04 – 300
k.hoffmann [at] ikg-wien.at

Assistant: Susanne Hönigl
Tel. +43/1/531 04 – 231
s.hoenigl [at] ikg-wien.at