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Conduct of the family members


It is important when a family member passes away (regardless of whether the death occurs in hospital or at home) that the cemetery management is informed immediately.

Cemetery management

During office hours: +43/1/767 62 52

Out of office hours: +43/676/844 512 451 Mr Mordechai Hammer (24 hrs)

In the event of death occurring on the Sabbath or on a Jewish holiday,

please send a text message or WhatsApp message to the above number.

Please don't forget to give the exact name of the deceased and the place of death.

Chevra Kadischa

Tel. 533 31 77 or 533 00 42

EMERGENCY NUMBER: Tel. 369 85 26

Consultation times for the Chevra Kadischa

every Wednesday 2-6 p.m.: 0664 / 207 69 30

If the death occurred in hospital, it is important to ask the doctor on duty immediately not to carry out an autopsy and to say that collection of the deceased's body will be arranged by members of the Jewish Community.

If the death occurred at home, the Medical Examiner must be informed immediately. Before the Medical Examiner arrives, obtain from the doctor who attended the death the document called a "treatment certificate" (“Behandlungsschein”). Only then can the deceased's body be released immediately and transferred to our cemetery.

Central Medical Examiner

Tel. +43/1 79 775 / 87890 (24/7, every day of the year)