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TMICHA: Social and Charitable Work


The Jewish Community of Vienna and its members try to promote their members' wellbeing, even in times of difficulty. For that reason, the IKG has set up a social committee involving all parts of the community so that it can be there for any of its members who are suffering hardship.

We also offer members the opportunity to do good by making donations and supporting our projects.

The charitable association of the Jewish Community of Vienna, TMICHA, was founded in 2009. Since then its core mission has been to provide help where it is needed for families in desperate or crisis situations. The focus is always on helping people to help themselves. In line with our vision of a world of hope and social justice, we aim to help sufferers with useful advice as much as with food or financial bridging support.

To be there for one another. To help when someone needs us. These are the basic principles of TMICHA!

Our bank details:
IBAN: AT43 6000 0005 1001 0051

If you want to contact us: 
office [at]
+43 1 531 04 176   



The fundraising department collects donations and builds bridges between people in the community.

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Clothing and toys for children can be exchanged at the GMACH swap meet.

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Neighbourhood Assistance

Support of any kind by members of the community for members of the community.

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ESRA is the psychosocial center of the IKG Vienna and offers people professional help.

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