Oberstockstall 3


3470 Oberstockstall  | GPS-Daten: 48°26’59.5″N 15°54’43.7″E | am Ortsende von Oberstockstall die Abzweigung Richtung Ruppersthal nehmen | nach 650 m auf der L27  befindet sich der Friedhof auf der linken Seite und ist über einen Waldweg nach ca. 100 m zu erreichen.

3470 Oberstockstall | GPS data: 48°26'59.5″N 15°54'43.7″E | At the end of Oberstockstall, take the turnoff towards Ruppersthal | After 650 m on the L27, the cemetery is on the left-hand side and can be reached via a forest path after approx. 100 m.

The 1,604 m² cemetery has existed since 1887 and served as a burial place for the Jewish community of Kirchberg am Wagram and the surrounding villages. It is occupied by 43 graves.

In 2021 and 2022, the cemetery was repaired with the help of funds from the fund for the repair of Jewish cemeteries in Austria and the state of Lower Austria.

The cemetery is locked, the key is available for visits from the municipality.