Jewish life needs friends and supporters

Many of the services provided by the Jewish Community of Vienna are only possible thanks to donations. These include gifts from private individuals as well as from companies and foundations.

Giving is deeply rooted in Judaism. Tzedakah (righteousness) is the Jewish approach against poverty. However, it's not just about mercy but also an appeal for social responsibility. Our Talmudic elders regard the unequal and therefore unjust distribution of wealth that occurs in all societies and at all times as an opportunity to contribute to social equilibrium by fulfilling one of the commandments in the Torah. That is the social responsibility of anyone who has the financial means, towards those who do not. That is Tzedakah! The concept of "tikkun olam" (repairing the world) is one of the guiding principles of Judaism.

The fundraising team of the Jewish Community of Vienna, led by Isabella Martens (head of department) encourages supporters to remember this and experience the joy of giving. Fundraising builds bridges between people and brings them together. Please contact us, we look forward to meeting you.

Isabella Martens, head of fundraising
+43/664 888 516 04

TMICHA - the social arm of the Jewish Community of Vienna

TMICHA is the social arm of the Jewish Community of Vienna and its role is to help those in need. We see it as our duty to support children and young people in need and their families. We also look after older people and those who are in difficulties, perhaps as a result of illness.

You can contact us directly today as follows:

+43/664 888 516 04 or under i.martens [at] ikg-wien.at

Corporate fundraising

The Jewish Community of Vienna is a unifying body that brings together all the strands of Judaism that are represented in Vienna. It preserves the Jewish heritage and safeguards the future of Judaism in Austria by providing infrastructure of various kinds. For this, it is highly regarded around the world.

You can contact us directly today as follows:

+43/664 888 516 04 oder i.martens [at] ikg-wien.at

Promoting education

You can help support Judaism in the future by sponsoring scholarships for students at the Zwi Perez Chajes School, the school operated by the IKG under public law. Currently around 60 scholarships of 4,860 euros each are awarded every year by donors in business and industry to ensure that every child can receive the best possible education, regardless of the financial position of its parents.

Supporting Jewish life

Preserving the numerous treasures of the Jewish heritage requires support from patrons, foundations and businesses.

Sponsors also support Jewish cultural events - and therefore Jewish life - such as, for example, the Open Day at the City Temple, the Festival of Jewish Culture and the Cantors' Concert.

Changing attitudes

In line with the idea that "learning about Judaism changes attitudes", your employees have the opportunity to visit our synagogue in the Seitenstettengasse. Becoming involved gives people a different perspective. The visit to this spiritual centre is intended to be thought-provoking and serves to overcome prejudices and clear up misunderstandings. Exercises in corporate engagement increase society's ability to deal with antisemitism and they also play an important part in team-building.

Maintaining synagogues, refurbishing cemeteries, safeguarding Jewish education and promoting Jewish culture and life all require, above all, support from donors and sponsors.

Shalom Chaverim – the friendship circle of the IKG

Friends are loyal and will be there when you need them. The friends of the IKG are also its sponsors (and benefactors). That's why, in 2019, we established Shalom Chaverim, to provide a platform for our supporters.

Shalom Chaverim Silver Sponsors

support the Jewish Community of Vienna with a sum of between 2,500 and 5,000 euros per year. With their donation, they help preserve the Jewish heritage and show their loyalty and commitment to the Jewish community.

Shalom Chaverim Gold Sponsors

support the Jewish Community of Vienna with a sum of between 5,000 and 10,000 euros per year.

Shalom Chaverim Diamond Sponsors

support the Jewish Community of Vienna with a sum of over 10,000 euros per year.

We say thank you to our supporters

Metro Cash & Carry GmbH supported us generously and unhesitatingly during the most difficult times of the pandemic. Furthermore, in 2021 the company also decided to support the scholarship programme for students at the Zwi Perez Chajes Grammar School, thereby helping to strengthen the future of Judaism in Austria. THANK YOU!

The Federation of Austrian Industries is a loyal supporter of our scholarship programme for students at the Zwi Perez Chajes School and also did not hesitate to stand by us right from the start of the pandemic. THANK YOU!