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Membership Services


Membership Services is the central point of contact for members on any question: registering new members or people who used to be members of the Community in the past, issuing confirmations of registration, answering a range of verbal and written enquiries, helping to resolve all kinds of problems that members of the Community are experiencing, and collecting contributions.

We maintain the members' database and are therefore the central body which manages and must be notified of any changes (names, addresses, nationality, marital status, delivery of newspapers). If you want to report any changes, please contact our membership service.

Temple tickets for the High Holidays are available at Member Services. 

Contribution to the Jewish Community of Vienna

The annual membership contribution is currently €210 or  €17.50 per month.

The contribution is tax-deductible.

In Section 123 of the Bylaws, the Board of Directors decided on the following guidelines for charging reduced fees in certain admissible cases.

  • Students up to the age of 27 pay €70 per year or €5,84 per month
  • Unemployed spouses of paying members pay €120 per year or €10 per month
  • Mothers and fathers on parental leave pay €120 per year or €10 per month
  • Members whose income is below the minimum pension or minimum social security benefit or who are unemployed (registered with the Public Employment Service) pay €70 per year or €5,84 per month

Becoming a member of the Jewish Community of Vienna

Jews whose primary residence is in Vienna are warmly invited to register as members of IKG Vienna. Click on the link below to download the application form.

You will require the following documents to apply for membership


  • One completed application form per person, signed by themselves
  • Either a passport, ID card or driving licence
  • Certificate of registration
  • Birth certificate
  • Documents confirming Halakhic Jewish identity. Preferably an Ishur Yahadut from a recognised Orthodox rabbi, confirming Jewish status
  • Optional: Ketubah, confirmation of divorce from the Beit Din – Maase Beit Din


  • One completed application form per child, signed by the mother. The mother is required to be a member.
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of registration

Important notes: All documents must be submitted in the original. Membership only takes effect once it has been confirmed by the Rabbinate of the IKG.

Debora Kravtschenko
Tel: +43/1/531 04-171
Fax: +43/1/531 04-179
d.kravtschenko [at]
service [at]

Daniela Maurer, assistant
Tel: +43/1/531 04 – 190
d.maurer [at]

Please make an appointment in advance.
Monday to Thursday: 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Regarding the execution of the grave restorations and grave reservations you can use the following contact:Mag.ª Bettina Kolter
Tel: +43/1/531 04 – 180
b.kolter [at]