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Vibrant, multifacetted and unifying – that's the motto for the Jewish Community of Vienna's new cultural programme.

We see our cultural work for our community as being multifaceted: it must span the whole spectrum from the old, displaced, almost extinguished Jewish culture of Eastern and Central Europe in the days before the Shoah to the present day and on to a future international Jewish culture.

Through a range of events such as the Festival of Jewish Culture, the Cantors' Concert and the Literature Café, we aim to promote the living diversity of Jewish culture and act as an intermediary between the Jewish and non-Jewish public.


In the light of the new antisemitic resentment that is re-emerging around the world, more than ever we need to pursue this course of opening up and dialogue.

Mutual understanding and acceptance, preventing prejudice from arising in the first place – how can this be achieved in today's radicalised world? We are attempting to do it by showing the diversity of contemporary Jewish art and culture.

Experience Viennese Jewish Culture

Podcast - Chuzpe

The podcast "Chuzpe" brings voices from art and culture in front of the microphone.

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Yiddish for Beginners

This monthly online format explains Yiddish terms and phrases.

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Festival of Jewish Culture

The 2021 Festival of Jewish Culture looks at women power in Judaism.

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Delicious Dishes

Each month features Jewish, Israeli and kosher dishes from around the world.

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