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Cemetry in der Rossau / Seegasse

1090 Wien, Seegasse 9 | Entry via Pensionistenheim Rossau |  Seegasse 11

This cemetery is in the courtyard of what is now a retirement home and dates back to the mid-16th century. It is the oldest preserved Jewish cemetery in Austria, with an area of around 2,300 m², and served as a burial place for the Jewish community until 1783.

Worthy of mention is the fact that the tombstones were repeatedly swept away by the high water level of the Danube and after the tide had receded they could only be put back in their original place. Only the Danube regulation in the years 1868-1875 created a remedy.

In order to protect the tombstones that remained after the desecration of the area from destruction, they were brought to the central cemetery, Gate IV, in 1943 and buried there. Only in 1984 could these tombstones be returned to the Seegasse Cemetery and set up again.

Since 2011, the cemetery has been continuously renovated with the support of the Municipality of Vienna and the Federal Monuments Office. After a precise survey of the area, with the help of Israeli rabbinical experts, the tombstones will be put back in their historical places and restored.

In the course of foundation excavations, tombstones were discovered that remained at the cemetery when they were transported away in 1943 and were secured there.

The cemetery is maintained by the Municipality of Vienna | City Garden Office.

The cemetery is closed until further notice, as access is not possible due to construction work.