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Restitution and compensation have been matters of importance for IKG Vienna since 1945.

Following the end of the Nazi regime, the Jewish Community endeavoured to get back assets belonging to Austrian Jews which had been confiscated, as well as assets belonging to the Community. In addition to documenting and confirming which assets had been seized, there was also the question of compensation and restitution for Nazi persecution on many different levels. However, the Federal Association of Jewish Communities in Austria and the combined efforts of the Committee for Jewish Claims on Austria were rebuffed and it was not until 1953 that the Austrian government, under pressure from the State Department in Washington, was ready to receive Jewish people as negotiating partners. The fact that antisemitism had by no means disappeared in 1945 and that these negotiations took place against the background of the "victim theory" and the policy of "drawing a line" meant that the Jewish community faced an uphill struggle. Although some measures were taken and material compensation authorised, this can only be described as inadequate.

Further and detailed information about the historical background and the work of the restiution department can be found on this website (also in English):