Roman grinberg

Yiddish for Beginners


An online series from IKG.KULTUR with the musician, artist and Yiddish expert Roman Grinberg, who explains Yiddish terms and expressions in his typical, unmistakeable and humorous way in monthly editions of the broadcast. Each episode ends with a piece of music.

„Sholem Aleikhem“

„Mazl/Mazel/Mazal …“

Di mishpokhe (alsomischpoche, mischpukhe, mischpuche)

Why does Yiddish sound so funny?

Yiddish sayings

Jewish high days and holidays

"Jewish in Yiddish or Yiddish in German"

Yiddish swearwords and curses

Time at home

"Shlemazl" – what exactly is it?

Chanukka Special