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What is LIKRAT?

Jewish teenagers aged from 14 to 18 are given professional training in workshops and seminars. The young people receiving the training learn skills to do with religion, Israel, Jewish history, Shoah, rhetoric, communication and group dynamics. When they have finished the training, the Jewish young people visit schools for the purpose of engaging non-Jewish students of the same age in an open dialogue about Judaism, answering their critical questions and overcoming any possible prejudices.


Using the "peer to peer" method, i.e. communicating as equals with others of the same age, automatically creates some common ground. The open dialogue that is encouraged by LIKRAT enables stereotypical preconceptions to be broken down and young people to speak openly with one another. Most young people only encounter a Jewish girl or boy for the first time in their life through LIKRAT. LIKRAT highlights the things that young people have in common and creates an atmosphere in which ethnic origin, skin colour and religion play no part.

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  • To counteract antisemitic and anti-Jewish resentment and prejudices
  • After these encounters, schoolchildren have a better idea of what life is like for Jewish young people in Austria
  • The differences between the daily lives of Jewish and non-Jewish young people become less important: the information about Judaism that is offered during these encounters helps to give people a different perspective
  • When Jewish and non-Jewish young people communicate with each other, it provides a better insight into Jewish everyday life
  • The aim of LIKRAT is to learn from the past and prevent antisemitic incidents and all forms of racism

LIKRAT outcomes

LIKRAT is a preventive measure against antisemitism! 93% of students at the schools participating in the programme confirm that they would definitely recommend this project to others - a very high success rate.

LIKRAT brings people of different faiths together, breaks down boundaries and teaches respect for one another.

LIKRAT at your school

We recommend building an encounter with Jewish young people into a block of detailed study about Judaism or Israel. The students should prepare the questions they want to ask the Likrat delegates.

Ideally there should be no more than 20 people in the group and about 50 minutes set aside for the encounter.

There are no costs entailed - the project is entirely funded by IKG Vienna and its sponsors.

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