The commissions are formed by “Kultusvorsteher”s and community members. They are advisory bodies and prepare the work of the Community Board. There are the following commissions:

    * Commission for Religious Affairs
    * Commission for Cultural and Public Relations
    * Commission for Finance and personnel matters
    * Commission for Social Affairs
    * Commission for Education
    * Commission for real estate affairs, building management and technology
    * Commission for Youth and Sport
    * Control Commission
    * Commission for Fundraising
    * Contribution assessment Commission
    * Commission for Women and Family
    * Commission on Statuten
    * Commission for Immigration
    * Federation of Jewish Communities and the Jewish Religious Community
    * Advisory boards and boards of affiliated religious community associations, foundations or companies.
    Advisory Board of the JFS Jewish Cemetery Restoration Gmbh
    Council of MKA-deployment and operational Gmbh
    Council of JMV-Jewish media- and VerlagsgmbH
    Verein Tmicha
    Schulverein der ZPC-Schule