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The organization Tmicha supports needy people

Today, more and more people are being hit finically by unemployment or illness – a sudden blow confronting them with insurmountable difficulties. Single mothers, families with many children, older and ill persons – they all can be hit by financially tight periods, when their income is not sufficient any more for financing everyday life.

How can I help?
Depending on the project, you can decide on the amount and use of your donation.
We have founded two social projects – Zedaka and Chessed.

Here we assist with larger one-time financial support, which enables the persons concerned to weather a difficult period.
Your monthly sponsorship payment: € 100,-

Expenses for food, clothing or hygienic products all require a great deal of planning and reflection. Thanks to your donation the situation of a needy person can be improved in a lasting way.
Your monthly sponsorship payment: € 50,-

Deductability of Donations
All of your donations and sponsorships made in connection with “Tmicha” can be deducted from tax in Austria. Please keep all your documentation as evidence.

Please support our work by donating online
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TMICHA- Organization to support needy people
Bank: PSK
Bank routing no.: 60000
Account no.: 00510010051
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