• Circumcision (Brit Mila) and namings, Bar- and Bat Mizvah, Weddings, divorces, burials
  • Guidance and decisions in Halachic and ritual questions
  • Inspector for Jewish religious education
  • Lectures and study groups – Contact with Rabbis in other countries (Israel, Europe, USA, European Rabbi Conference)
  • Spiritual guidance in situations of personal crisis: Care of prisoners, invalids and mourners
  • Contact to media, Communication with cultural and political representatives, Interconfessional contacts

Information on Temple Tickets

Chief Rabbi
Arie Folger

Tel. (01) 531 04 – 111
Office Hours every wednesday 14:00-16:00 and on prior appointment

Mag. Schlomo Hofmeister, MSc

Tel. (01) 531 04 – 112
Office Hours (please call in advance):
Rabbinat: Monday – Thursday 8:00h-9:00h, 15:30h-16:30h, 18:30h-19:00h, please call in advance for a special appointment
Friday: 8:00h-14:00h
ZPC School: Monday and Wednesday 13:00h-14:30h
Maimonides Centre: Tuesday 13:30h-14:30h, and on appointment;
AKH and Donauspital: Sunday and Wednesday, in other hospitals on appointment; in urgent cases, Sunday to Friday 00:00-24:00h.

You are invited to ask the Rabbi your questions concerning Halachah (Jewish Law) using this e-mail address: AskTheRabbi@ikg-wien.at. This service is primarily for members of the congregation but is also open to questions from a wider public.

Rachel Udler
Tel. 01-531 04 – 111
The office is open to the public as follows (please call in advance):
Monday – Thursday 09:00h-14:00h
Friday: 09:00h bis 13:00h