Together against any form of anti-Semitism! #NoQudsDay in Vienna

Rally starts at 3:00pm
Speeches scheduled for 3:30pm

Shortly after the “Islamic Revolution” in Iran in 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini introduced the so-called “Quds Day” as an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate fest in Iran and worldwide. “Al Quds” means Jerusalem in Arabic and under the slogan of the “liberation of Jerusalem from Zionist occupation” the Iranian regime and its allies mobilize for the annihilation of Israel.

A gender-segregated demonstration led by mullahs follows this call every year in Vienna and openly spreads anti-Semitic propaganda in public. In the past the organizers posted cartoons in the social media that called for the murder of Jews and disseminated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories by claiming that Israel would “breed” the “Islamic State”. The Ministry of Interior registered Hezbollah and jihad flags as well as anti-Semitic banners saying “Boycott the 4th Reich, Zionists = Nazis” and depicting a Star of David mutating into a swastika.

The central goal of the Iranian regime – Israel’s annihilation – has not changed since 1979. The allegedly “moderate” Hassan Rouhani calls Israel a “festering tumor”. In a missile test in March 2016, Iranian long-range ballistic missiles were marked with “Israel must be wiped out”. The Iranian regime boasts about financing Hezbollah and Palestinian terror against Israel.

Subject to the regime’s bloody terror are also those Iranians who wish to evade the regimentation of their lives by the regime – be it political activists, unionists, homosexuals, religious minorities or just simply young people who want to live their lives in self-determination and without the Sharia’s constant coercion. Under Rouhani more people have been executed than under his predecessor Ahmadinejad. Iran has the highest number of executions per capita worldwide.

It is a scandal that Austria is still at the forefront when it comes to doing business with the henchmen in Tehran. Austrian politicians and companies are cozying up to the regime while their Iranian hosts organize even more Holocaust denial events. From the “Supreme Leader” down, the denial of the Shoah is still being celebrated by the Iranian regime.

“In view of Austria’s special responsibility for combatting anti-Semitism” the Austrian government adopted the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism on April 25th in order to counter the hatred against Jews and Israel. Prior to that Vienna’s mayor Michael Häupl introduced the first monitoring committee on anti-Semitism at the city hall. Anti-semitic hatred, however, does not only exist in the milieu of neo-Nazis, fraternities or circles close to the FPÖ.
For years anti-Semitic incidents occured during “Quds-Day” – we therefore call upon all anti-Fascist politicians in Vienna and upon civil society to join our alliance and to take a clear stand against “Quds-March”!

– Ban the anti-Semitic “Quds-March”!
– Solidarity with Israel! Against any form of anti-Semitism!
– Solidarity with the democratic and secular opposition in Iran and in exile!
– No state visits at and of Holocaust deniers!
– No business with the Iranian regime!