Jewish Welcome Service brings 40 people from the US, Israel and the UK to Vienna

Vienna (OTS) – Also this spring, the Jewish Welcome Service Vienna (JWS) will be hosting a group of Jews with Austrian roots from 22nd to 29th April. This year the JWS welcomes the offspring – mostly the second generation – who are accompanied by their partners and children. Among the guests is also Alice Malcolm from Glasgow, born in Vienna in 1924 and for the first time since her expulsion from the city of her childhood and youth.
The group will be received on April 24, at 3 pm in City Hall of City Council Mailath-Pokorny and on April 25, at 4 pm by Federal President Van der Bellen at the Hofburg.
“This year’s commemoration commemorates our responsibility to our history and is, in addition, commissioned to carry out research, education and mediation work – all the more so against the background of anti-Semitic and racist tones creeping into the socio-political discourse and turning these into individual cases or cases It is even more important to the Jewish Welcome Service, which invites survivors of the Holocaust or their children and grandchildren to their former hometown, to show them the modern, cosmopolitan, progressive and vibrant Vienna is more moral to us Order and need at the same time, “emphasizes Vienna City Councilor for Culture Andreas Mailath-Pokorny.
“With these invitations, the city of Vienna shows how important the public perception and recognition of the suffering of Holocaust survivors and their families is,” said Susanne Trauneck, Secretary General of the Jewish Welcome Service.

The Jewish Welcome Service
In 1980, the organization was founded on the initiative of the then mayor Leopold Gratz and the city council Heinz Nittel together with the 2007 deceased Leon Zelman. President is the respective mayor of the city of Vienna. Other tasks in addition to the visit program are the support of commemoration and remembrance initiatives as well as information and service for Jewish visitors to Vienna. In addition, the Jewish Welcome Service also organizes invitations for the younger generation. The activities of the Jewish Welcome Service are financed by the City of Vienna, with the support of the Republic of Austria.

Wien Holding GmbH
Wien Holding has been supporting the Jewish Welcome Service Vienna since 2018. The Jewish Museum Vienna is also part of the group with around 75 companies in the four business segments of culture, real estate, logistics and media. The museum sees itself as a place of encounter and understanding that deals with Jewish history, religion and culture, with commemoration and remembering, with Vienna and the world, from the Middle Ages to the present day.
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