Jewish Agency Chairman Sharansky Slams “Double-Faced” Far-Right European Parties, Hard-Left Activists

Sharansky: “We do not need and should not court such double-faced support, on either the right or the left.”

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Chairman of the Executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel Natan Sharansky today (Sunday, January 21) attended the cabinet meeting in which two new reports on antisemitism were presented to ministers ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day. He made the following remarks:

“Nearly fifteen years ago, I proposed a ‘3-D’ test to distinguish antisemitism from legitimate criticism of Israel, identifying delegitimization, demonization, and double standards as the hallmarks of a new and pernicious form of antisemitism.

“For years, we have seen figures on the left profess their love of Jews while attempting to undermine the existence of the Jewish state. Branding themselves as ‘anti-Zionists,’ these individuals draw on classic antisemitic tropes and often on modern interpretations of medieval blood libels to attack Israel, questioning its legitimacy, portraying it as uniquely evil, and holding it to a standard not applied to any other nation.

“Today we are witnessing a new and alarming phenomenon: the rise and emboldenment of right-wing political parties in Europe that profess support for Israel while supporting such antisemitic measures as outlawing circumcision and kosher slaughter, as well as historic revisionism of the Second World War and the rehabilitation of Nazi soldiers. On the one hand, they proclaim that they stand with Israel, while on the other hand, they target and harm Jews. We see this in Austria, for example, where the local Jewish community has announced that it will boycott the official Holocaust commemoration ceremony in Vienna if ministers from the far-right Freedom Party attend the event. I have counted at least seven such political parties across Europe.

“We do not need and should not court such double-faced support, on either the right or the left. We must remain vigilant and not permit antisemitism to go without opposition and protest under the cover of convenient diplomatic stances or intercommunal bridge-building. I note both phenomena with alarm and demand that we not play into the hands of antisemites, regardless of their political affiliations.”