Palestinians ‘Peoplehood’ Based on a Big Lie

There is no age-old Palestinian people. Most so-called Palestinians are relative newcomers to the Land of Israel.

Normalizing Anti-Semitism in the US

Anti-Semitism is growing increasingly normalized in American society, particularly in progressive circles. Today’s progressive Left, led by Bernie Sanders and others like him, is even further removed from the facts than the Democratic Party was under Clinton.

Swedish Jewish politician’s house burned in suspected anti-Semitic attack

Victim had been previously subject to hate crime; incident is the second arson attack this year on home of someone ‘active on Jewish issues’; no suspects arrested

A Snake Pit at the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center

The full spectrum of toxic substances dealt with at the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC) is unknown. Alongside typical chemical warfare agents, snake venoms are an additional component, allegedly only as a means to manufacture anti-venom sera.

JMF: PM Netanyahu declines UNESCO invitation to participate in UN conference on antisemitism

The mark of antisemitism was once singling out the Jewish people for slander and condemnation. The mark of antisemitism today is singling out the Jewish state for slander and condemnation.

When Palestinian Blood Isn’t Equal

Recently, the human rights organization AGPS published a report documenting 3,840 cases of Palestinians killed since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011 – nearly four times the number of those killed during the six years of the first intifada (December 1987-September 1993).


150 rockets were launched since Wednesday night, 25 of which were intercepted. The rest landed in open areas. The IDF struck over 100 terrorist targets in response.