A light of remembrance and against forgetting! – Light sign at the former site of the Wiener Neustadt synagogue

On July 12, the light sign was illuminated at the site of the desecrated Jewish synagogue in Wiener Neustadt.

150 years ago, in May 1871 the Jewish Community in Wiener Neustadt was founded. To mark the anniversary, a light sign by Austrian artist Lukas Maria Kaufmann in the form of an illuminated Magen David was installed at the site of the synagogue, which was built in 1902. The synagogue, built in the Moorish style according to the plans of Wilhelm Stiassny, was desecrated and severely damaged by the Nazis in 1938 and was so badly damaged during the later bombing raids on the city that it had to be demolished.

“The light sign points to the irretrievable destruction that took place here in 1938. But more importantly, it also brings the significance of the site into the collective consciousness of the people of the city. Commemoration thus develops into an active action,” Sobotka said.

Kaufmann’s light sign was ceremonially illuminated in the presence of National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka, Vice President of the IKG Vienna Claudia Prutscher, Mayor Klaus Schneeberger and the Director of the Jewish Museum Vienna, Danielle Spera-Engelberg.

Vice President and Chairwoman of the Cultural Commission of the IKG Vienna Claudia Prutscher emphasized in her ceremonial speech the importance of actively dealing with the past and making visible the places of former and destroyed synagogues.