Holocaust commemoration: March of the Living 2017

Since 1988, more than 250,000 participants from 52 countries have marched down the 3-kilometer path connecting the Auschwitz and Birkenau death camps

AUSCHWITZ — A delegation of officials from 12 different European countries pledged their commitment to Holocaust commemoration at a the annual International March of the Living ceremony, which took place at the Birkenau death camp on Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 24.

After lighting one of the memorial torches, Austrian federal minister for education Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid –who led the delegation of education ministers– read out a declaration stating: “We take upon ourselves the solemn commitment to remember and to commemorate the millions of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, the Roma Genocide as well as other Holocaust related mass atrocities. We shall respect the survivors still with us and honor those who resisted the evil of Nazi tyranny.”

“We will commit to combating all expressions of Holocaust denial, Antisemitism, Antiziganism and any form of racism or intolerance,” she continued on behalf of the delegation, expressing their vow to strengthen the commitment of their peoples and governments to sharing the history of the Holocaust.

Source: The Jerusalem Post, 24.04.2017