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Approximately 15,000 Jews are living in Austria, most of them in Vienna. During the census 2001 only 8,140 Jews and Jews in Austria were counted, as not all wanted to be declare themselves as ‘jewish’. In the ‘Israelitische Kultusgemeinde’ over 7.000 members in Vienna are registered, in remaining Federal states there are about 300.

The Jewish Community is well structured and organised: The President of the Jewish Community is elected by the Board for a four year parliamentary term. The President represents the Community, leads board meetings, supervises the administration of the leadership of the Community Board resolutions and supervises staff. Dr. Ariel Muzicant was president 1998 until 2012, then Oskar Deutsch took over the executive functions of President. He is assisted by two Vice Presidents, Josef Sarikov and Dezoni Dawaraschwili. Vice Presidents are elected for one-year terms by the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors has two General Secretaries: One of them is responsible for the ideal aims of the jewish community (Culture, Public Relations, Social, Education, ..) and the second General Secretary is accountable for business and organisation affairs (Finance, Employees, Administration, real estate,..)
The Council consists of twentyfour members who are elected every four years by the community at large. The meetings are held on a monthly basis and are open to the public.

  1. Oskar Deutsch

    President IKG Vienna

    Oskar Deutsch

  2. Chanan Babacsayv

    Vice-President IKG Vienna

  3. Dezoni Dawaraschwili

    Vice-President IKG Vienna

    Dezoni Dawaraschwili